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The World Thrift Day 2014 : World Thrift Day wiki

World Thrift day

In this post we will be telling you about World Thrift day 2014. Keep reading our post to know more about World Thrift Day. We will also tell you how World Thrift day is celebrated in India as World Thrift Day is celebrated all over world.

World Thrift Day 2014

The World Thrift Day is being celebrated on 31st October of every year through out the globe. In India it is observed on the 30th of October in each District of the states with the involvement of the District Collectors, local MPs, MLAs etc.

The first International Thrift Congress was held in Milan, Italy in 1924. The Congress passed a vow declaring October 31 as the World Thrift day. It was a day “devoted to the promotion of savings all over the world”. It is a worldwide celebration well sustained by savings and accountable retail banks, schools, women’s associations, sports bodies, cultural organizations and skilled agencies etc. The day reminds us of the significance of constantly saving in order to have a protection net. With such constant savings, it guards in opposition to unexpected menace events. Savings can also aid us in achieving our goals such as starting a business, getting good education, healthcare treatments or owning a home,etc.

World Thrift Day

World Thrift Day is commemorated in diverse forms. Brochures, leaflets and posters are dispersed to masses accentuating the significance of thrift/saving. Press articles and educational films are also made to highlight and promote savings in many parts of the world. Saving campaigns are controlled in the schools because it is very imperative to indoctrinate this habit in kids ever since the beginning. Children are well-versed and skilled about merits of thrift and how it can help them in outlook. Kids are optimistic to use savings bank passbooks and money boxes, etc.

World Thrift Day


Credit must be given to retail banks that have undertaken sober efforts to egg on savings by employing numerous methods. For example, they have made it easier for each person to open a bank account and deposit the funds. Consumers are informed about significance of a formal savings account. In information, most of the bank accounts in the world are saving accounts. Saving is one of the most imperative skills to possess.

In India, World Thrift Day was also celebrated on October 31 but after the death of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on the same day in 1984, it is ever since celebrated on October 30.

Unique interest is also paid to the promotion of savings in schools, several savings campaigns are organized in the schools. In the week of thrift, special courses are conducted to educate children with the virtues of “Thrift”. Money boxes and Savings Bank Passbooks are distributed in schools. Also the International Stamp for the World Thrift Day is used in all correspondence. In 1928, a first Hymn of Thrift has been self-possessed by Gino Valori and Giuseppe Peitri.

The savings movement not only promotes the custom of thrift amid the people and provides a good return to the little investors but also mobilizes funds for supplementing the needs for planned social and economic expansion of the country. The resources mobilized have served as an input in the economic development of the Nation.

Thrift is an ancient Indian virtue and India has one of the highest savings rates in the developing world. The Small Savings movement has played a chief role in harnessing the savings of the small savers for planned profitable development of our country.

The World Savings Day is typically held on October 31st with the exception of some countries where this day is a public holiday, in view of the fact that the idea is for the banks to be open, so that the people are able to transfer their savings into their account.

The idea of World Thrift Day was not born out of nothing. There had been some models of days that were committed to the initiative of saving money in order to expand a superior standard of life and to secure the country, for instance in Spain where the first national thrift day was renowned in 1921, or in the United States. In other countries, such as Germany, the peoples’ confidence in savings had to be restored since many of them had lost their savings in the German monetary reform of 1923.

World Thrift Day

After the Second World War, World Thrift Day continued and accomplished the crest of its popularity in the years stuck between 1955 and 1970. It basically became a genuine tradition in definite countries. In Austria, for case, the official mascot of saving, the so-called ‘Sparefroh’ (factually: ‘Happy Saver’, or rather “save happily!”) reached a higher level of brand awareness than the republic’s President and even a street was named after him.

These days the focal point of the banks that organize the World Savings Day is on budding countries, where numerous inhabitants are unbanked. Savings banks play a vital role in enhancing savings in these countries with firm campaigns and initiatives such as working with non governmental organisations in order to double the number of savings.

In this post we discussed about World Thrift Day. Hope you have liked our post on World Thrift Day and gained enough knowledge about World Thrift Day.



Tyler Perry Net Worth : Hollywood Actors Net Worth

Tyler Perry Actor Net Worth (Hollywood Actor)

In this post we will be discussing about Tyler Perry Net Worth. 

Tyler Perry net worth and salary: Tyler Perry is an American actor, director, playwrite and producer who has a net worth of $400 million. Tyler Perry was born Emmitt Perry, Jr., on September 14, 1969 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tyler Perry is by far and away, one of the most financially successful directors in the entertainment business today. He personally earns between $100 and $150 million per year off his entertainment empire.

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Tyler Perry Net Worth


Hollywood Actors Net Worth

As of December 2013, Tyler Perry is the only filmmaker in history to have five films open #1 at the box office in the last five years beating out the likes of Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorcese, James Cameron and Quentin Tarantino. His 13 most prominent films have grossed more than $600 million dollars at the box office, each film cost less than $10 million to make. Because Tyler writes, directs and produces all of his movies almost entirely independently, he is able to take home the lions share of each of his film’s profits. His production studio has also created and produced five successful television shows. Tyler’s films are typically targeted towards an African American audience and many include subtle positive messages rooted in Christianity. Outside of film and television, Tyler Perry supports a number of charitable causes and frequently lends his face and resources to those in need.

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After suffering abuse at the hands of several family members during his younger years, Tyler Perry began writing as a way to help heal his mental wounds. Writing did in fact prove to be very therapeutic for Tyler and he eventually turned his short stories into stage plays around Atlanta. These plays quickly gained a rabid fan following, peaking at more than 35,000 audience members per week. Before ever filming a single Hollywood movie, Perry reportedly sold over $100 million worth of tickets to his plays. He also supposedly sold $30 million worth of videos and merchandise related to his plays.


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Whatsapp Infographic : A look on Whatsapp’s past

Looking for Whatsapp Infographic? Then this might be the end to your search. We have tried to provide you the best Whatsapp Infographic ever in this post. So let’s start with the post now. ;)

Whatsapp Messenger is a restrictive, cross-stage texting membership administration for cell phones and chose gimmick telephones that uses the web for correspondence. Notwithstanding content informing, clients can send one another pictures, feature, and sound media messages and their area utilizing incorporated mapping gimmicks.

Whatsapp was established in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both previous workers of Yahoo! The organization is situated in Mountain View, California and utilizes 55 individuals It is presently at present takeover after Facebook published its procurement of Whatsapp Inc. on February 19, 2014, for Us$19 billion. Keep reading the post for Whatsapp Infographic.


As of September 2014, Whatsapp is the most comprehensively prominent informing application with 600 million clients, emulated by China’s Wechat (438 million clients) and Japan’s LINE (400 million clients).

Data design or infographics are realistic visual representations of data, information or learning planned to present complex data rapidly and plainly. They can enhance comprehension by using representation to upgrade the human visual framework’s capacity to see examples and patterns. The procedure of making infographics (whatsapp infographic) can be alluded to as information visualization, data outline, or data structural planning. So lets have a look on whatsapp infographic, hope you like it. :)

Whatsapp Infographic : A look on Whatsapp’s past

Whatsapp-InfographicCourtesy: Whatsapp Free and whatsapp Inforgraphic from All Tech Tricks.

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Kik Messenger for PC is a texting application for cell phones. The application is accessible on most ios, Android, and Windows Phone working frameworks free of charge. Kik Messenger for PC is designed according to Blackberry’s Messenger. Kik utilizes a cell phone’s information plan or Wi-Fi to transmit and get messages. Kik for PC additionally permits clients to impart photographs, draws, portable pages, and other substance. Kik Messenger obliges clients to enroll a username. Isn’t this awesome.

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Is Kik for PC available for free to download?

Yes, Kik for PC is absolutely free and you can download the Kik Messenger for PC below.

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No kik is a smartphone app that is available on all the top mobile operating systems out there i.e. Kik for Android, Kik for PC, kik for iOS, kik for Windows phone.

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Tango PC is a brand new PC version of the Tango app that is all set to break all the records and let your PC do a lot of new cooler stuff.

Cell phones are more capable than they’ve ever been, yet PC’s are still ready to accomplish more, and improve a few things, as well. Size focal point has for the most part implied presents concerning registering, yet Tango PC needs to change that with its secluded dock and machine plan that moves space-substantial high temperature dispersion parts out of the principle body utilizing innovation traps obtained from space ships.

Tango for PC is an outsider, cross stage informing application programming for cell phones created by Tangome, Inc. in 2009. The application is prevalent for offering feature brings in excess of 3g, 4g and Wi-Fi systems.

Tango for PC has more than 200 million enrolled clients as at March 2014 and, among Android gadgets, it is the twelfth most downloaded application. It is appraised by PCMAG as “the easiest portable talk application out there, with a great scope of backing.”

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Tango for PC : Download Tango PC free [Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1]


Is Tango app only compatible with PC?

Nope, this is not at all true. Tango app is compatible with all the major smartphone’s OS out there, i.e., Tango app for Android, Tango App for PC, Tango App for iOS as well as Tango App for Windows.


Is Tango for PC app free to download?

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Just visit Tango for PC and download the the app as per your requirement. Tango PC app is available on most of the versions of Windows including Windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1.


Is Tango PC compatible with MAC OS?

Right now the developers of Tango for PC have not yet released its MAC version but they might release the version soon.

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